Happy Meal 2013: Minions at McDonalds

Minions at McDonalds

Hello there~~

I finally got all the minions from the McDonald’s happy meals. (Canada)

I see some people buying 5+ of each toy at a time and trying to sell them on Kijiji for a lot more than their worth. Please be respectful and just get 1 or 2 of each. If you’re not a fan of the minions and just want to make money… I don’t want to judge you, but I am…  I only got 1 of each and I got it in a Happy Meal every time (10 cents of your Happy Meal goes to Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada). I hunted these guys down!! Embarrassed but proud at the same time. It was sad when one of the locations that I go to had to put up a sign saying “no more minion toys”. Some kid is deprived of a minion because of our obsession over minions. Anyways, good luck to everyone still trying to hunt these guys down and once again, please be respectful to others.

I know every location had each one of these minions at one point, but I just wanted to share the locations in which I got these little guys 🙂 All locations are within the GTA.

1. Tom Babbler – Bamburg Circle – Warden and Finch
2. Phil Jelly Whistle – Peanut Plaza – Don Mills and Finch
3. Dave Banana Babbler – Peanut Plaza – Don Mills and Finch
4. Jerry Whistle – Wal-Mart – Kennedy and Sheppard
5. Evil Minion Noise Maker – Fairview Mall – Don Mills and Sheppard
6. Tim Giggling – Wal-Mart – Kennedy and Sheppard
7. Purple Minion Giggling – Leslie and Sheppard (near Ikea)
8. Stuart Blaster – Scarborough Town Center – Brimley and Hwy 401

Signing off,
Jennifer J. Wu


About jennifer_jwu

My name is Jennifer Wu, a university student located in Toronto. At least... that's the label I have given myself. But there's more to me than just a label (so cliche). I am a self-motivated individual with a passion for food, travel, and business. I thrive under fast-paced environments and I hope to obtain a position in an industry where my customer relation skills can be utilized to enhance customer satisfaction.
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3 Responses to Happy Meal 2013: Minions at McDonalds

  1. Brian Brown says:

    The poster for them here in the states has 9 on it but I already have one with a blaster that is not on the poster!! One on the poster not in your picture is Jerry Breakdancing!

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